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Release: April 25, 2023

An Awakening the Lightforged Novel

82,557 Words in Bodymatter | 88,823 Total

A dying world. A grieving widow. Only the Last Knight can save them all.
When the Deathknight assassinates the Remnant's leaders and murders her husband, Estingai has no time for grief. She must unite the factions of the resistance and pull together what's left of her family.
But the factions resist her, and she has yet to find the spy that betrayed them. Can Estingai find the strength to become The Last Knight and save those who want her dead?
Even if she manages that, can she make good on her husband's plan to get them off their dying world?
One problem at a time.
The Last Knight is a companion novel to the Post-Apocalyptic Epic Fantasy Trilogy: Awakening the Lightforged.
If you like immersive, magical worlds, family drama, compelling characters, and kick-ass warrior women, then you’ll love this addition to Spencer Russell Smith’s debut series.

Buy The Last Knight for an epic high-octane showdown today!

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