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Release: July 26, 2022

Awakening the Lightforged, Book 1

85,520 Words in Bodymatter | 93,837 Total

A reanimated heroine. A disgraced divinity. A race against time to save their home.

Othaashle lives to serve her God-King. So while strange images that seem like forbidden memories plague her mind, the undead warrior fears revealing her condition could endanger more than just her title as his champion. And when insurgents attack the ark ship destined to fly her people from their doomed moon, the passionate defender vows to pursue them to the end of the galaxy.

Alarmed after suffering another debilitating vision during a fight, Othaashle discovers an eerie connection with her treacherous quarry. But after she makes an enemy of a fierce fallen goddess, claiming the power of a mythic throne may be the only way to prevent apocalyptic destruction.

Can a woman reborn from conflict become the savior an entire world needs?

Throne of Darkness is the high-octane first book in the Awakening the Lightforged space opera trilogy. If you like kickass heroines, finely crafted magic systems, and intense action, then you’ll love Spencer Russell Smith’s faster-than-light fantasy.

Buy Throne of Darkness for an epic interstellar showdown today!

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