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Release: October 31, 2022

Awakening the Lightforged, Book 2

130,421 Words in Bodymatter | 140,054 Total

The world ends in eighteen days, but the Remnant finally has a chance at escape.
The Champion of the legendary Knights Reborn has returned to help the Remnant in their hour of need. While she infiltrates the Imaia to steal a spaceship as their means of fleeing their dying world, her daughter Estingai searches for other surviving Knights to recruit.
With a small team of his own, Koruuksi searches for allies and a hidden secret that will guide the Remnant to a new home once they escape Efruumani. He expects refugees cowering from the Imaia, but when he finds a hidden civilization, Koruuksi realizes he is in over his head.
Now Koruuksi must convince an entire people that their utopia is in danger, and uncover the secret that has kept their home vibrant and hidden while the rest of the world dies.
The Throne is broken.
The gods have abandoned them.
This is their last hope.

Sanctuary is the gripping second book in the Awakening the Lightforged space opera trilogy. If you like kick-ass heroines, mythical lost cities, family drama and espionage all with a hint of romance, then you’ll love Spencer Russell Smith’s operatic fantasy.
Buy Sanctuary for a heart-pounding race against time today!

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