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Release: July 25, 2023

Awakening the Lightforged: The Complete Trilogy

271,150 Words in Bodymatter | 293,017 Total

Undead supersoldiers. An endangered moon. A desperate race to survival.

Complete edition: 700+ pages of an edge-of-your-seat battle against magical beings, an army of altered warriors, and certain doom!

Othaashle the Deathknight is a cold-hearted killing machine. But as strange visions increasingly plague her mind, the champion of the God-King is shocked when a rebel attack reveals impossibly familiar faces. An attempt to claim a fallen goddess’s power rips the veil from her memories, laying bare ties to family who will die when their world finally falls out of orbit.

Broken and horrified by the blood on her hands, Othaashle-now-Kojatere tries to gain the trust of the insurgents and help them flee their home before it’s destroyed. And determined to pave the way for their escape, she plots to steal ships from the very heart of her enemy’s stronghold.

As the countdown ticks towards obliteration, can she become her people’s hero?

Awakening the Lightforged is the exhilarating complete edition containing books one to three in the Awakening the Lightforged space opera series. If you like flawed, complex characters, mind-blowing drama, and arcs of redemption, then you’ll love Spencer Russell Smith’s epic tale.

Buy Awakening the Lightforged to reclaim destiny today!

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