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Release: July 26, 2022

A Tales of Efruumani Novella

23,364 Words in Bodymatter | 23,971 Total

I didn't let words get in the way.

Desperate to leave a home where he feels out of place, Kaalev manages to grab a spot with his sister Rina on an expedition south into unknown lands. 


Kaalev is a Cleareye, gifted with the ability to enhance his senses, but was born deaf, which becomes an even greater hindrance to him as the expedition enters a dense forest fraught with danger. 


Kaalev left his home in hopes of a second chance, believing he could find somewhere he wouldn’t feel so alone, yet he feels a burden even to his sister. 


As their expedition grows more difficult, Kaalev must either prove himself to his companions, or find somewhere else he can belong…

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