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Equirectangular Projection of Pre-Destruction Efruumani

Efrumani with Snow Rivers and Mountains.png

Note: Proportions are distorted.


This map depicts an equirectangular projection of Efruumani as it was before the War of Dark and Light, and Kweshrima's Destruction of Yrmuunthal. Darkside, the upper half of the map, has been brightened so details can be seen. Darkside's seas and lakes would appear a dark blue-black, for instance, rather than red-orange, as the seas on Lightside are.


The massive frozen plains of the Wastes are also not depicted, as they would obscure the outline of Darkside's continents. Note, however, that without this alteration, Darkside would appear one massive, unbroken continent covered in snow. 

Globular Projection of Pre-Destruction Efruumani

Final AtL Map Circles No Text cropped.jpg

Note: Proportions are distorted.


In this projection, accuracy is sacrificed for artistic license. Mjatafa Mwonga is also not visible at Efruumani's subsolar pole on this map.

Equirectangular Projection of Post-Destruction Efruumani

AtL Efrumani Map (barren).png

Note: Proportions are distorted.


While nothing can completely capture the cataclysmic destruction wrought by Kweshrima's folly, the effect it had on Efruumani's flora, especially on Lightside, is devastatingly evident. Rivers are not depicted due to many re-routings and disruptions. In addition to this, the absence of Yrmuunthal seems to have slightly increased the temperature of Lightside drying up many rivers, and sharply decreased the temperature of Darkside, causing many rivers to freeze solid.

Due to the rapid collapse of many of the planet's ecosystems in the aftermath of the Destruction, the Imaia determined it necessary and vital to strip Efruumani of many of its remaining resources to build Mjatafa Mwonga and construct a sanctuary not only for Efruumani's people, but it's remaining flora and fauna. 

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