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Release: January 10, 2023

A Tales of Efruumani Short Story

2,782 Words in Bodymatter | 3,525 Total

A mighty dragon. A lonely child in the freezing cold. The courage to keep their peoples from destroying each other.

The serpentine, legendary draakon rule the eternally dark skies of Darkside, stalking its frigid, towering mountains. When a Vaanatar, a youngling curious about the snowy lowlands beyond his brood’s caves, finds a group of travelers camped in the foothills, he goes to investigate, and finds a child out in the freezing cold.

Years later, that child, Ilanak, has grown up in a world where more and more, her people fear the draakon rather than revere them. With the memory of her childhood encounter with Vaanatar guiding her, Ilanak seeks out the dangerous, legendary creature in a desperate hope to save both their people from a war that could tear Darkside apart.

Another Way takes place in the magical world of Efruumani. If you’re looking for a quick read with a courageous young heroine, a mysterious dragon, and a sense of wonder, you’ll love this short story by Spencer Russell Smith.

Buy Another Way to experience an inspiring tale of wonder today!

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