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Release: July 26, 2022

A Tales of Efruumani Short Story

4,904 Words in Bodymatter | 5,618 Total

“We are something more, though few realize it.”​

Nevisi is apprenticed to one of the greatest Auroramancers of her time, yet she still feels her abilities are stifled. She is a full Auroraborn, granted the rare ability to use all twelve powers instead of just one. Rather than training with her peers, however, her master has her spend hours in isolation playing the fiddle.

When her master returns from a long trip away and tells her to grab her fiddle and come with him for a hike up a frozen mountain, she's just about had it.

But her master promised that all her questions will be answered once they reach the top. All she needs is to be patient.
Music of the Lights is a short story that takes place in the magical world of Efruumani.
If you're looking for a quick read, magic that inspires a sense of wonder, and a break from the high, often world-ending stakes of most Secondary-World Fantasy, you'll love this short story by Spencer Russell Smith.
Buy your copy today to discover the majesty of the Music of the Lights.

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