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Release: January 31, 2023

Awakening the Lightforged, Book 3

71,677 Words in Bodymatter | 86,207 Total

The world is ending a week ahead of schedule.

Operation Exodus has begun. Kojatere has been found out by her rivals within the Imaia, and she has given the signal to the Remnant to attack the Imaia’s capital and leave Efrumani for their new home.

While Kojatere faces down the God-King she once lived to serve in an attempt to free both the rebels and her fellow undead warriors from his grasp, her children Estingai and Koruuksi rush to steal the Imaia ships that will allow them to escape to a new home among the stars.

Just as Estingai and Koruuksi find themselves battling a fallen goddess, Kojatere realizes that her confrontation with the God-King is more than she bargained for.

A mistake that might cost her everything.

The Shattering is the high-octane final entry in the Awakening the Lightforged space opera trilogy. If you like kickass heroines, finely crafted magic systems, and intense action, then you’ll love Spencer Russell Smith’s faster-than-light fantasy.

Buy The Shattering for an epic interstellar showdown today!

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