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A Broken Rebellion
On a Broken World.
She is their Only Hope.

Get your copy of the thrilling novel The Last Knight totally free!

The Awakening the Lightforged Series

Fallen Goddesses. God Kings.

Complex Magic. Space-Age Tech.

Rebellion, Empire, a Dying World.

And that just scratches the surface.

Book 1: Throne of Darkness

A fallen goddess and an undead supersoldier race to claim the power of a magical throne as their world crumbles around them.

Book 2: Sanctuary

A mother and Champion, back from the dead.

Do her loyalties lie with her old life, or the new?

Book 3: The Shattering

The world is ending.

A week ahead of schedule.

Prelude: The Last Knight

A broken rebellion on a broken world.

She is their only hope.

Awakening the Lightforged: The Complete Trilogy

Three warrior women who hate each other must work together to get what they want...before the world ends in 24 days.


Receive The Last Knight a science fantasy noveland the prologue of Throne of Darkness FOR FREE when you sign up.

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