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This team gets their turn once I’ve finished with the feedback from the Beta/Sensitivity team. The completion/reading time for this will be shorter than it is for the beta team as the feedback I would require from this time is not as detailed. This is mostly to catch any spelling, grammar, or consistency errors that the Beta team missed or that I created when incorporating their feedback. This team would also hopefully confirm that I was able to successfully use the Beta team’s feedback to create a better story rather than accidentally making it worse. I’ve included a sample of the sort of questions I would outline for this team. 

Sensitivity readers would also be included in this team for picking up details.

While I am not trading you a free/early book for a review, reviews really are important when booking promos and trying to books rankings and get more sales. Since you do get to read the book before anyone else, I would really appreciate it if you could not only leave a review on Amazon when it launches (I will send emails out with reminders, don’t worry), but purchase the book, which I will set to $0.99 (or as low as I can--some books are too big to set that low) the day before it truly launches so that your reviews can have the “Verified” tag and have less risk of being removed by Amazon. 

Example Book Questions (Throne of Darkness):


  • Was having all the visions at once too jarring? Would you rather they be more fleshed out and space out throughout the story as their own chapters?

  • Do you feel like you need more background on the world or any of the characters, or does what has been revealed just make you want to read and find out more?

  • Does this seem like it could be its own story with a semi-cliffhanger ending, or does it just seem like the “Part One” of a story that needs to be completed?

  • If it seems like it could be its own story, would you still want more?

  • What was your favorite part/chapter?

  • What was your least favorite part/chapter?

  • What would you like to see in the next two parts?

  • What did you expect to have happened by now that didn’t happen, if anything?

  • Were there any sections that were hard/slow to get through?

  • Do you have a good feel of this world? Can you imagine it? Or do you need more details to flesh it out? 

  • What storylines are you eager to read more about?

  • Are there any main characters or plot points that you are not that invested in?

  • I am trying to provide background and worldbuilding details throughout the book rather than giving all the information at once up front while still giving enough to understand what is going on. Do you think that balance was achieved? If not, too much or too little?

  • Who is your favorite main character so far? Minor character?

  • What aspect of the world do you like best?

  • Do you like the magic system? Is it awesome/cool enough? Is it too complicated? Is it explained/displayed well enough?

  • Should the prologue remain the prologue, or should it be a chapter 1 and something else given that function? If so, what? Or should the prologue be left out?

  • Do you think the story can begin at a later point than either chapter 1 or the prologue? If so, when?

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